X4D Talks

Approaching Development from Different Disciplines and Epistemic Locations

There are many scholars and many disciplines grappling with topics around global development, taking a range of approaches as they do so. We aim to create a structured, virtual series of conversations relevant for those interested in various _4D spaces, such as ICT4D, HCI4D, ML4D, etc., as well as broader spaces such as AI and Social Good. Various conference/workshop cancellations due to COVID have made us more accepting of virtual events, for better or for worse, and we wanted to create a forum where we could leverage this, to connect with each other and continue to build and strengthen our community ties, moving forward in solidarity. Our hope is that this forum will afford us the opportunity to foster multidisciplinary exchanges and collaborations, and understand our research areas from new perspectives.

In the summer of 2020, we ran a survey to invite participants and ask them how they might like to engage. This also helped create an initial list of topics to focus on. Our first event on August 4 featured four talks on interdisciplinarity in 4D spaces and why it is essential. The next event on September 3 focused on feminist perspectives on technology design. Other topics listed in the responses included mental health, AI and social good, sustainability, etc. We will keep this website up to date as the dates, topics, and speakers are confirmed. Meanwhile, if you would like to join us in hosting/organizing, please get in touch with any of the organizers.

If you wish to stay in touch, you can join the X4D mailing list, where we will announce future events, in addition to posting about them on this website.